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SANJUÁN & SÁNCHEZ AVDA CATALUÑA Nº 68 -LOCAL- 50014 ZARAGOZA TLF: 976 47 67 02 // FAX: 976 47 19 73

We welcome you to our website. Here, we would like to give some useful information about our company, goals and competences, as well as our property management service, functions, scope and warranties.

Regarding our clients, this website pretends to be a quick communication vehicle and information means according to the current techniques and also concerning the issues having an impact on the community, owners, and real estate sector.

This website also wants aims at being useful to the general public, in its open part of it, because this property management business understands that given its condition as an official Property Management Service Provider, we are required to comply with our own corporate obligations, but also to render a helpful service to the society, by means of the Aragonese Professional Association control and internal regime, in whatever may be useful to improve the regulations within the real estate sector and to benefit the whole society.

We thank your visit, owners and public in general, we kindly request from you to let us know about your opinions and recommendations, we will make sure to take them into account.