Our scope includes all what regards the real estate sector:

    • Rustic or urban properties
    • Under direct or rented status
    • In horizontal or vertical property
    • Malls
    • Complexes of houses with or without annexed premises.
    • We collaborate in the urban management.
    • Property assessment
    • Rental of houses or business facilities
    • Sales and Purchases
    • And in general, whatever service concerning a property management.
Manager´s functions

Staff: of urban or rustic properties, capitalizing them for the benefit of the property under professional and fair criteria according to law. Keeping them for their correct preservation and convenience according to the regular standards on safety, hygiene, and operation in the interest of their dwellers.

Manager: Follow – up and control of suppliers, failures, insurances, Banks, City Council, Regional Government, Social Security and Tax Office, getting the best economic service conditions for your property. Staff management, taking care of the correct relationship between the company´s owner and the staff hired.

Advisor: Consulting on issues about:

Real estate, rentals, transfers, sales – purchases of properties. Notar, Property Registrar, Subsidized Houses, Property Rehabilitation, etc.

Judiciaries, meeting agreements, debt collections, judgments and jurisprudence in general affecting the real estate.


Independently of one´s education background, what it does determine a good management in principle, is the fact that the Property Manager must have signed an insurance policy of 600.000 € through the Profession Association for the civil responsibility he / she might incur by omission or negligence during his / her professional activity. On top of this warranty, the Professional Association exerts its disciplinary activity when its professional members´ performance does not comply with the standard professional or deontological rules.

Professional services

Also refer to: Community services      –     

Also refer to: Initial services to the developer


Information management and consulting: Sanjuán & Sánchez Real Estate Managers make all the required and updated information available to its clients regarding the topics involved in your management. The fundamental sources are: Official State Bulletin, Regional Bulletin of Aragon, Congress Bulletin, judicial rulings, prices within the real estate market, consumption price indexes, legislative projects and drafts, Labor Regulation, etc. All of this information is fundamental to provide consulting services in general but also to the owner in an individual way, rental of a business office or house, transfers, real estate assessment, incomes assessments, sales of properties, etc. likewise Sanjuán & Sanchez, Real Estate Management offers you a series of consulting services from the Professional Association and benefiting the community and the owner in a direct way through the professional services hired: legal, fiscal, labor consulting, architectonic technique, industrial technique, professional, bookkeeping, and computer sciences.


Economic management: By means of the Aragonese Real Estate Managers Professional Association, we have signed different collaboration agreements with different public and private entities, all of them leading to benefit the communities and owners having hired our services in a direct way.


Collaboration agreements with banks: we achieve considerable reductions regarding banking commissions, expenses due to domiciled receipts, compensations of bank drafts, expenses for receipts returned, credits with preferential interest for the communities, etc. .


Collaboration agreements with of insurance policy companies: achieving wider coverage and customized to the community and owner´s requirements in particular.


Collaboration agreements with official entities: as for example with the community and the City Council, in order to achieve among other things, better management in the Building Technical Inspection, subsidies to rehabilitate properties in the case of historic buildings, etc.


Collaboration agreements to implement new communication technologies:  with different private and public companies that through satellite or fiber optic networks will facilitate the communities to access not only the digital television but phone and internet services.

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